SiriusXM Radio UTV Installation Kit Installation Instructions

SXMCMTU64 Installation Instructions

Model Number: SXMCMTU64
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SiriusXM Commander Touch Motorcycle Kit

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  • Enjoy SiriusXM through your vehicle’s in-dash audio system with controls on the color touchscreen display
  • Compact touchscreen controller mounts directly to the motorcycle mount for a fully integrated full-color display with album art, artist name, song title, channel logos and program information
  • Pause, Rewind and Replay live Satellite Radio
  • Automatically start songs from the beginning on your favorite channels with TuneStart™
  • Use TuneMix™ to hear a mix of songs from your favorite channels
  • Keep moving with the most current updates using Traffic & Weather Now™
  • Connects to any radio with either an AUX input or FM connection
  • Professional installation recommended for best results
  • Can be updated by a USB flash drive (not included) to add new features and capabilities as they become available
  • Works on the XM Network
Package Includes:

(1) Commander Touch™ Controller
(1) SiriusXM™ Radio Tuner with Multi Pin Cable
(1) SiriusXM™ Antenna (magnetic or post)
(1) FMDA25 Direct Wire Adapter
(1) Rubber Wrap for Controller
(1) Female AMPS Plate
(1) Male AMPS Plate
(1) Lock Ring
(1) Dash Mount
(1) RAM Adapter
(1) AUX Cable

Mount and Case Assembly

Prepping the Rubber Case

The rubber case is used to keep out dust and water from the edges of the Commander Touch™ controller. On the back of the case are four holes used to mark the location of the four screw holes on the back of the controller. It is recommended to use a small screw driver to push through the case inside the circles and make a small hole. This will allow the screws to pass through the case when mounting the case. This step can also be done after the case has been installed on the Commander Touch™ controller.

Back of Rubber Case

Install the Rubber Case Around Controller

1) Insert the cable into the hole in the bottom left of the case from inside out.
2) Pull the cable all the way through the hole and push the controller flush to the end of the case.
3) Pull the rubber case around the controller making sure the rubber case is flush around the screen.

Case Assembly

Attaching the Dual Mounting Plate

Locate the Dual Male AMPS Plate from the bag of parts along with the screws. Use a screw driver or other tool to push a hole through the back of the case in the designated circles marked on the back of the case. Next, take the Dual Male AMPS Plate and screw it to the back of the rubber case making sure the screw goes all the way through the case to the screw hole. Do not overtighten the screws.

Back Plate Assembly

Mount Assembly Options

Before getting started, it is recommended to locate an installation spot on your UTV that will allow you to see the screen of the receiver and operate the unit safely while driving. There are three different mounting options included with this kit. Select the option that best fits your UTV and installation requirements.


1) Locate the Dual Female AMPS Plate in the parts bag.

2) Using four screws or adhesive tape screws mount the Dual Female AMPS Plate on the dash or other desired location. Next line up the dual T notches on the back of the controller with the slots on the Dual Female AMPS Plate and push the controller down. The picture above shows what the plate will look like from the back when the notches line up with the slots. Be sure to mount the DUAL Female AMPS Plate to the surface before sliding the display onto the plate.


If you have a RAM mount on your UTV, you can use the supplied RAM Mount Adapter Plate to install the kit onto a RAM mount. Locate the RAM Mount Adapter Plate in the parts bag. Screw the RAM Mount Adapter Plate to the back of the display controller. Be sure to press the screws all the way through the rubber case so they insert into the screw holes. The RAM adapter works with a 25mm RAM mount.

RAM Mount Assembly


Locate the Adhesive Swivel Mount and the Dual Female AMPS Plate in the bag of parts. Attach the Dual Female AMPS Plate to the Adhesive Swivel Mount with the provided screws and nuts. Next, slide the display controller onto the Dual Female AMPS Plate.

Adhesive Swivel Mount

1) Selecting the Correct Antenna Adapter

Included in the kit are two FAKRA Antenna Adapters that are used to connect the FMDA25 to the Ride Command® antenna system. For vehicles prior to 2020 use the blue colored adapter. For vehicles manufactured in 2020 and newer use the cable with the black FAKRA connector.

Antenna Adapter Wires

2) Connecting Adapters to FMDA25

If your vehicle has an AM/FM antenna to you can still use the antenna with the FMDA25. The FMDA25 allows the AM/FM signal to pass-thru to the Ride Command® system (or other aftermarket stereo system).

  • Connect the RCA-FKA Adapter Cable into the female socket on the TO VEHICLE FM ANTENNA port on the FMDA25
  • Connect the PRC-FKA (or V2 RIDECO per step 1) to the TO VEHICLEL FM RADIO port on the FMDA25

FMDA25 Wire Diagram

Installation without AM/FM Antenna

If there is no AM/FM antenna installed in the vehicle the RCA-FKA Antenna Adapter is not needed and the port labeled TO VEHICLE FM ANTENNA should be left open.

3) Locate the RIDE COMMAND® AM/FM Antenna Port

Locate the AM / FM antenna connector in your UTV. The color and location may vary based on the year and model of your vehicle. In our example it is the connect on the right of the connection cluster shown below.

Ride Command Antenna Port

4) Connect the FMDA25 to the Vehicle AM/FM Antenna Port

Plug the connection from the FMDA25 labeled TO VEHICLE FM RADIO into the RideCommand® Antenna port. Make sure the connector is pushed all the way down and the FAKRA connectors snaps in. If the vehicle has an AM/FM antenna connect the aqua colored connector on the port labeled TO VEHICLEL FM RADIO. Make sure the connector is pushed all the way down and the FAKRA connectors snaps in.

Connect FMDA25 to Antenna Port

Step 5) Connect the Audio Cables to the SiriusXM Dock

On the FMDA25 locate the audio cable labeled TO SIRIUS RADIO and connect the cable into the FM Port on the docking cradle. Shown by the arrows in the pictures below.

Connect audio cables to SiriusXM Dock

Step 6) Connecting Power and Power Options

Included in the package are 3 power options:

  1. Hardwired Power Adapter
  2. USB Power Cable
  3. SXDPIP1 Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter

Connecting Power

Once you have selected your power option connect the power adapter to the power port on the docking cradle (PWR). If using the hardwired power adapter please reference the installation instructions provided in the packaging.

Connecting power

Please Note - Each power option will work with the docking cradle that is included in the kit. Feel free to select the power option that best meets your installation needs.

7) SiriusXM Radio Antenna Installation

Once you have the audio and power connected it's time to install the SiriusXM Radio antenna. It is recommended to select a location on your UTV that will allow the antenna to have maximum clearance from a roof or other objects.

SiriusXM Antenna Installation

8) Connection the Antenna to the Cradle

  1. Run the antenna cable from the antenna either inside the roll cage pipe tubing or along the outside securing the antenna cable with cable ties (not supplied). Be sure not to over tighten the cable ties as the stress could cause damage to the antenna wire.
  2. Bring the antenna connection to the desired location (dry box is recommended) to the SiriusXM receiver. It is recommended to leave a couple of inches of play in the cable.
  3. Connect the antenna wire to the antenna port (ANT) on the docking cradle.
  4. If you need additional cable length to run the antenna you can purchase SiriusXM antenna extension cables from our website.

9) Power Up and Tune Radio

After connecting the antenna, power, and audio to the receiver docking cradle you will need to tune the Radio to an empty FM radio channel. To find an empty FM channel in your area visit:

Tune FM Frequency

Tuner Installation

Installation Wiring Diagram
Refer to the wiring diagram below and install the Power Wiring Harness, and the AUX In or FM Input audio connection.

Wire Diagram

Commander Touch Connections
Display Controller Connections

Wire Diagram 2

Display Controller Pigtail Cable: Connects to the DISP connection on the Tuner Module.

Micro USB Port: SiriusXM may occasionally release a system software update for Commander Touch. The update can be installed by connecting a USB Flash Drive with the software update to the micro USB port located at the bottom of the Display Controller. A micro USB Flash Drive or a USB type A Flash Drive with a USB type A to Micro USB Adapter is required (not included)

Tuner Module Connections

SiriusXM Tuner

ANT (Antenna): Connection for the Magnetic Mount Antenna.
FM: Connection for the FMDA25 FM Direct Adapter.
AUX (Auxiliary audio output): Connection for the AUX Audio Cable.
PWR (Power): Connection for the Wiring Harness.
DISP (Display): Connection for the Display Controller pigtail cable.

Install the Power Wiring Harness
The wiring harness has 4 wires: BAT (battery, yellow); ACC (accessory, red); ILL (illumination, orange); GND (ground, black). When installing the harness, keep the fuse holder which is connected to the BAT wire in a location that is accessible in case the fuse ever needs to be replaced.

  1. Plug the Wiring Harness connector to the PWR connector on the Tuner Module.
  2. Route and connect the BAT yellow wire to a constant 12 volt source, a source which is always on even when the motorcycle is turned off.
  3. Route and connect the ACC red wire to a switched 12 volt source, a source which provides power only when the motorcycle is turned on. This should be tied to the motorcycle’s accessory wire.
  4. Route and connect the ILL orange wire to a 12 volt source which is on ONLY when the motorcycle’s exterior parking or headlights are turned on. DO NOT connect to the Dimmer line as the voltage fluctuates. Connection to the ILL wire is optional, but it will allow you to take advantage of the independent Auto Day/Night brightness setting option.
  5. Route and connect the GND black wire to the motorcycle ground connection, usually the motorcycle’s chassis.

Install Audio Connection
There are two ways to connect the audio for the Commander Touch: using the AUX Audio Cable, or using the FMDA25 FM Direct Adapter. Both audio connection solutions are included with the Commander Touch and both audio solutions can be active at the same time.

  • AUX Audio Cable: Best: If your motorcycle’s radio has a auxiliary input jack, this is the easiest way to connect the audio and provides excellent audio.
  • FMDA25 FM Direct Adapter: Good: The FMDA25 FM Direct Adapter directly connects the FM signal from the Commander Touch to the motorcycle’s radio, reducing any interference which might be present from FM radio stations. When the Commander Touch is turned off, the motorcycle’s FM antenna is automatically connected back to the motorcycle’s radio. The FMDA25 FM Direct Adapter connects directly in-line with the motorcycle’s existing AM/FM antenna input. Follow the instructions below for the audio connection you have selected.

Connecting the Audio Using the AUX Audio Cable
The auxiliary input jack may be located on the face plate of the motorcycle’s radio, on the back of the radio, or anywhere on the front dash panel.

  1. Connect the AUX Audio Cable to the auxiliary input jack of the motorcycle radio.
  2. Connect the other end of the AUX Audio Cable to the AUX Connector on the Tuner Module.
  3. Turn the motorcycle’s radio on, and set it to the AUX In source.
  4. Press the Power button on the Commander Touch Display Controller. After the start up sequence you should hear SiriusXM Preview Channel 1 through your motorcycle’s radio.

AUX Diagram

Adjusting Audio Levels
The audio level can be adjusted by swiping to the Settings page, tap Audio Options, then tap Audio Output Level and adjust the audio output level.

Adjusting Audio Levels

Connecting the Audio Using the FMDA25 FM Direct Adapter
Certain models of motorcycles will require adapters to connect the AM/FM antenna to the FMDA25 and to connect the FMDA25 to the motorcycle’s radio. These adapters are sold separately at auto parts stores or by professional installers.

FMDA25 Setup

FM Port

  1. Remove the motorcycle’s radio from the dash and disconnect the AM/FM antenna cable from the rear of the motorcycle’s radio.
  2. Plug the FM Antenna Connector (A) from the FMDA25 into the same connector on the vehicle’s radio. (Additional antenna adapter may be required.)
  3. Plug the motorcycle’s AM/FM antenna cable into the female FM Antenna Socket (B) of the FMDA25. (Additional antenna adapter may be required.)
  4. Plug the Mini Connector (C) of the FMDA25 into the FM connection of the Tuner Module.
  5. If needed reinstall the radio.
  6. The FMDA25 should be secured in a hidden location on the bike.
  7. Turn the motorcycle’s radio on and tune it to FM channel 97.9.
  8. Press the Power button on the Commander Touch Display Controller. After the start up sequence, you should hear SiriusXM Preview Channel 1 through your vehicle’s radio.
  9. The audio level can be adjusted by swiping to the Settings page, tap Audio Options, then tap Audio Output Level and adjust the audio output level.

NOTE! The Audio Output Level adjusts both the AUX audio output level as well as the FMDA audio output level. Use caution when making the adjustments. For FM, it is recommended to adjust the level to MAX.

Adjusting Audio Levels

Note: If channel 97.9 has static or interference, other FM channels can be selected by swiping to the Settings page, tap FM and adjust the FM channel. Tap a + button to save it as a preset. Set the vehicle’s radio to the same FM channel.

FM Settings

The installation is now complete you are ready to activate the CommanderTouch.

Subscribe to SiriusXM Radio Programming

Follow these steps to subscribe your Commander Touch. Once you have successfully activated the Commander Touch, you will be able to tune to other channels. Make sure your Commander Touch is turned on, receiving the SiriusXM signal, and tuned to Preview Channel 1 so that you can hear the SiriusXM audio. Make a note of your Radio ID. You can find it by swiping to Settings and tapping About, by tuning to channel 0, on a label on the bottom of the gift box, and on the label on the back of the Commander Touch Tuner Module.

NOTE! The Radio ID does not use the letters I, O, S, or F .

To subscribe:

  • Online: to access or set up an online account, subscribe to the service, and activate your Commander Touch
  • Phone: Call 1-866-587-4225 (If calling to activate, be sure to mention “Never Miss A Beat”). Activation usually takes 10 to 15 minutes after you have completed the subscription process, but may take up to an hour. We recommend that your Commander Touch remain on until subscribed. Once subscribed, the Commander Touch will receive, and you can tune to, the channels in your subscription plan.

If you need help or have questions please contact us at (800) 513-8554, email us at or visit our website

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