What is Satellite Radio?

What is SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio?

SiriusXM™ Radio is a subscription based service that provides music, talk, sports, entertainment, and many other programming services for a monthly fee. SiriusXM™ does not broadcast local channels as it creates its own unique content for each channel it offers.

The Origins of Satellite Radio

Satellite radio is just what its name suggests: a radio service that uses satellites circling Earth to broadcast its programming. In 1992, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allocated a satellite spectrum (the "S" band, 2.3 GHz) for the broadcasting of satellite-based digital audio radio service (DARS). It eventually granted two licenses, one to Sirius Satellite Radio (formerly CD Radio) and one to XM Satellite Radio (formerly American Mobile Radio Corporation).

As the satellites orbit the earth, programs are beamed to them from broadcast stations. The satellites then transmit the signal to special antennas on homes, cars and portable radios. Terrestrial repeaters throughout the country also receive the signal and help ensure that it's transmitted to receivers, especially in areas with tall buildings that might block the signal.

In 2008 Sirius Radio purchased XM Radio to create a new single entity called SiriusXM Radio. Even though they created one company they maintained a platform for each of the previous brands. This allowed customers with old Sirius and old XM receivers to still get programming service on those receivers. SiriusXM then began to make new radios/receivers on the new SiriusXM™ Radio platform.

satellite radio signal diagram

What you need to listen to SiriusXM Radio
SiriusXM™ Radio programming is available on Several different formats including plug and play radios, aftermarket stereo tuners, streaming online players in apps and factory installed car stereos.

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