FMDA25 FM Direct Adapter (FMDA)

Connect to your vehicle's FM radio using aFM Direct Adapter (FMDA)

SiriusXM recommends having the FMDA professionally installed in your vehicle. Installation requires specialized tools and expertise. Ask your SiriusXM retailer if they provide professional installation services, or can recommend a professional installation service.

You can purchase an FMDA from the professional installer as part of the installation service, from your SiriusXM retailer, or directly from SiriusXM at, where prepaid installation cards with or without the FMDA are available for use at a nationwide network of installers.

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Match The FM Channel of Your SiriusXM Radio With Your Vehicle's FM Radio.

  1. You'll need to purchase an FMDA from Satellite Radio Superstore
  2. Install the FM Direct Adapter, or have a professional installer install it for you. If you are installing the FMDA yourself, follow the installation instructions included with the FMDA. You can find the Quick Start Guide or User Guide here.

FMDA25 installation diagram

Step 2: Match The FM Channel Of Your SiriusXM Radio With Your Vehicle's FM Radio

  1. You'll first need to find an available FM channel. An available FM channel is one that's not being used by an FM radio station in your area. When you tune your FM radio to an available channel, you should only hear static or silence - not talk or music. We recommend one of the following methods to find an available FM channel:

A. Use the SiriusXM FM Channel Finder at Go to the website and enter your zip code. The Channel Finder will suggest a list of available FM channels in your area. For convenience, write down or print out the list.


B. Manually tune through your local FM channels on your vehicle's FM radio. Locate and create a list of channels that aren't being used by any FM radio station. Write down the list. Once you have created your list of available FM channels, you will need to find the one that provides the best match for your Radio.

  1. Pick the first FM channel from your list. Turn on your vehicle's FM radio (if you have not already done so) and tune it to this FM channel.
  2. Turn on your Radio and then set it to transmit on the same FM channel as your vehicle's FM radio. Refer to your Radio’s Quick Start Guide or User Guide for detailed instructions on how to do this.
  3. When you have matched the FM channels, you should hear the audio playing through your vehicle's FM radio. Once you have found an FM channel that is working for you, save it as a preset on your vehicle's FM radio. This will become your SiriusXM preset.
  4. If the selected FM channel doesn't work well for you, work down the list of FM channels until you find one that allows you to hear clearly. Each time, you will need to tune your vehicle's FM radio to the new FM channel and then set your Radio to the same FM channel.

Note: You may find an FM channel with static or silence that does not work with the SiriusXM Radio. It is possible that some type of inaudible interference is present that prevents reception of the audio. Your only options are to use another FM channel or a different audio connection solution.

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