SiriusXM Compact Motorcycle Kit Installation Instructions

Satellite Radio Compact Motorcycle Kit Installation Instructions

Model Number: SXMLCR72

Step 1 - Locate the bag with the parts shown below.

L-bracket assembly

Step 2 - Place the parts as pictured below. Take the AMPS Socket Plate and place it on one side of the L-bracket. Next place the Dual Male AMPS Plate on the opposite side as the AMPS Socket Plate and line up the screw holes. Please note the positioning of the Dual Male AMPS Plate with the notches at the top. The dual notches must be positioned at the top in order to properly seat into the back of the case. Use the supplied screws and nuts to secure the plates to the L-bracket. Note: The mount can be assembled with the top plate of the L-bracket facing forward or backwards to fit your installation needs.

L-bracket assembly

Optional - RAM Mount Assembly
To install the kit onto a RAM mount use the RAM Mount Adapter Plate. Locate the RAM Mount Adapter Plate in the parts bag labeled SXMADK36. Screw the RAM Mount Adapter Plate to the L-bracket with the Dual Male AMPS Plate on one side and the RAM Mount Adapter Plate on the other side.

L-bracket assembly

Step 3 - Install Mount & Attach to Base
To install the handlebar mount first loosen the two screws on the handlebar clamp mount all the way out and separate it from the back side of the clamp mount. Place the clamp mount on the handlebars and line up the screw holes and tighten the screws to mount the clamp. Use the supplied rubber strips to increase the grip of the mount as desired.

L-bracket assembly

Step 4 - Connect Mount to Back Plate and Mount Antenna
To connect the handlebar or strap mount to the back plate insert the ball joint into the AMPS Female Socket Plate with the Lock Ring having the wide end facing towards the socket plate. Push the mount into the socket until it clicks. Once the ball joint is firmly in place screw the Lock Ring clockwise until it tightens all the way. To change the angle of the case loosen the ring and pivot the case then retighten the Lock Ring to secure.
Do not over tighten the Lock Ring to avoid damaging it. Next, place the antenna on the metal L-bracket and run the antenna wire through the bottom of the case connecting it to the antenna port on the dock.

L-bracket assembly

Step 5 - Connecting Power & Audio
Included in the kit are several different power options including a USB power cable, CLA and a hardwired power adapter. Select the power option that works best for your installation. It is
important to note that the USB power cable can be plugged into any USB port (5V) for power but does not transmit any audio to the sound system. The instructions for the hardwired power adapter are included in its package. Included in the kit is an AUX cable for direct audio connection to any sound system with a 3.5mm auxiliary port. Be sure to run all the wires through the hole in the bottom of the protective case.
Note:* The FM port on the dock is not used unless installing the FMDA25 Direct Wire Audio Adapter. 

L-bracket assembly

To learn more on how to operate your specific Satellite Radio receiver refer to the SiriusXM Radio user manual that came with the receiver.

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Aug 11, 2021

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