Factory Installed Car Stereos - OEM

Buying an Installation Kit for an OEM Car Stereo

Some vehicles come with factory controls for SiriusXM built into the vehicle car stereo but do not have the hardware (SiriusXM tuner and interface module) required to receive SiriusXM service. For these types of vehicles there are installation kits that connect to the back of the car stereo to receiver SiriusXM service. When selling one of these kits to a customer you will need to verify their vehicle make, model, and year to match up the SKU with their vehicle. If you cannot match up the customers vehicle make, model, and year exactly there is no solution for their vehicle at that time. They can check back for updates at a later time if they desire.

Here are the vehicle manufacturers we support Click the link below to learn more about the installation kit for each vehicle manufacturer. Use the compatibility guide located on each of the product pages linked below to find the model and year of the vehicle.

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