SiriusXM Radio Polaris Ride Command® Installation Instructions

polaris ride command siriusxm radio kit

This article gives an overview of the installation of the PXUTVKT SiriusXM Radio Polaris Ride Command® Installation Kit into a 2019 RZR Turbo S. Your installation may vary depending on the type of vehicle and the trim line.

What's Included in the Kit

Updated as of March 3, 2020 - the USB power cable shown in this example is not included in the kit but is available for purchase on our website at this link - (

Installation Overview

If you own a Polaris side-by-side or other off road vehicle you know how hard it can be to find a solution to connect SiriusXM Radio to a Ride Command® system. Over the past several years we have received inquires from thousands of customers looking for a solution for this problem. So we took it upon ourselves to find the solution. The answer, our new PXUTVKT installation kit with direct connection to the back of the Ride Command® system. Our kit provides a super clean install and superior sound quality. All wires can be hidden and the receiver stored in the dry box under the Ride Command® unit.

Important Note About Receiver Location
Before getting started it is important to note that you will want to locate the best place for you to locate the receiver. For this installation example we located the receiver inside the dry box underneath the RIDE COMMAND® system. We selected this location because it will help to keep the receiver dry and because there is a USB cable located in the dry box which we used for powering the receiver (we cover power options later on in this article). We highly recommend using the SiriusXM USB power cable provided with this kit because the USB cable is located in the dry box. We have also included 2 additional power options (CLA and Hardwired) in the kit for your convenience.

Below is an image showing the connections coming through the top of the dry box.

polaris dry box wires

Step 1) Selecting the Correct Antenna Adapter

Included in the kit are two interchangeable antenna adapters that are used to connect the FMDA25 to the Ride Command® antenna system. For vehicles prior to 2020 use the adapter labeled PRC-FKA which is already assembled in the bag. For 2020 vehicles you will need to remove the FAKRA connector sleeve from the PRC-FKA connector and put the V2 RIDECO connector on the cable. Below are instructions on how to remove the FAKRA sleeve and put it on the end of the cable.

FAKRA adapter cluster

Step 2) FMDA25 Installation with Existing AM/FM Antenna

If your vehicle has an AM/FM antenna to you can still use the antenna with the FMDA25. The MDA25 allows the AM/FM signal to pass-thru to the RideCommand® system (or other aftermarket stereo system).

  1. Connect the RCA-FKA adapter cable into the female socket on the TO VEHICLE FM ANTENNA port on the FMDA25
  2. Connect the PRC-FKA (or V2 RIDECO per step 1) to the TO VEHICLEL FM RADIO port on the FMDA25

FMDA25 wire diagram

Installation without AM/FM Antenna

If there is no AM/FM antenna installed in the vehicle the RCA-FKA antenna adapter is not needed and the port labeled TO VEHICLE FM ANTENNA should be left open.
without FM antenna diagram

Step 3) Locate the RIDE COMMAND® AM/FM Antenna Port

Locate the black connector circled below. This is the antenna port for the RideCommand® system. The color and location may vary based on the year and model of your vehicle.
RideCommand Antenna Connectors
RideCommand Antenna Connectors Close Up

Step 4) Connect the FMDA25 to the Vehicle AM/FM Antenna Port

without FM antenna diagram
without FM antenna diagram

Step 6) Connecting Power and Power Options

Included in the package are 3 power options

  • Hardwired Power Adapter
  • USB Power Cable
  • SXDPIP1 Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter
Connecting Power

Once you have selected your power option connect the power adapter to the power port on the docking cradle (PWR). See image below.
without FM antenna diagram

Please Note - We Recommend to use the USB Power Cable - As stated above we recommend using the USB power cable because of the USB port located inside the dry box.

  • Each power option will work with the docking cradle that is included in the kit. Feel free to select the power option that best suits your desired installation. For our installation example we show the SXDPIP1 cigarette lighter adapter to provide an example of the different options for powering the receiver.

Step 7) SiriusXM Radio Antenna Installation

Once you have the audio and power connected it's time to install the SiriusXM Radio UTV antenna. It is recommended to select a location on your UTV that will allow the antenna to have maximum clearance from a roof or other objects.

Antenna Installation Tips
  • Magnetic Antenna - It is recommended to place the antenna on a metal surface as high as possible on the vehicle such as the roof or roll bar. This antenna requires a ground plane for optimal reception.
  • Strap Mount Antenna - Strap the antenna to the roll cage or other round bar as high on the vehicle as possible with maximum clearance.
Antenna Wire Installation
  1. Run the antenna cable from the antenna either inside the roll cage pipe tubing or along the outside securing the antenna cable with cable ties (not supplied). Be sure not to over tighten the cable ties as the stress could cause damage to the antenna wire.
  2. Bring the antenna connection to the desired location (dry box is recommended) to the SiriusXM receiver. It is recommended to leave a couple of inches of play in the cable.
  3. Connect the antenna wire to the antenna port (ANT) on the docking cradle.
  4. If you need additional cable length to run the antenna you can purchase SiriusXM antenna extension cables from our website. The SiriusXM UTV antenna comes with 6 feet of cable attached to the base of the antenna.

Antenna port on dock

Power Up and Tune the Radio

After connecting the antenna, power, and audio to the receiver docking cradle you will need to tune the radio to an empty FM radio channel. To find an empty FM channel in your area use the website: In our example the channel shown on the screen is 97.9. Once you select the channel you should hear sound coming from the system speakers. Make sure the receiver is powered on. If you have static we recommend to select a different FM channel.

Ride Command Display

Protective Case

Included in the kit is an optional protective case you can use to keep the receiver and docking cradle dust and moisture free. The case is not required but provided for your benefit.

Help, Support and Purchase

If you need additional help with your installation please feel free to contact us at (800) 513-8554 or email us at

We always love it when customers send us their install pics. Feel free to send us yours and we will post them on the site for others to see.

If you have not purchased the Ride Command® Satellite Radio Installation Kit click here to visit our website and learn more.

Mar 29, 2022

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