Ford Sync - Connecting the SiriusXM Bluetooth Dock

Two Key Points for Connecting the Bluetooth Dock to Ford Sync

  • After key off/key on, the H/U always switches source to FM because it doesn’t wait for the Ford Bluetooth receiver to reconnect to devices.
  • Bluetooth Dock + Phone only works for Android Phones in Ford SYNC: The Ford SYNC doesn’t allow deliberate assignment of Bluetooth profiles between connected devices so the H/U has to be tricked to share the Phone’s Media profile to the Bluetooth Dock by turning the Music/Media profile off in the phone. Android phones allow turning off the Media profile in the phone but IOS does not allow this so Ford SYNC only allows two devices connected at the same time when Android phones.

Bluetooth Dock Paring with Ford Sync

SXM BT dock pairs successfully with SYNC system if SYNC head unit is placed in the “Discoverable” mode. Following are the steps to pair SXM BT dock with SYNC system. Click here for the Ford SYNC user manual for BT pairing

*Initiate Bluetooth pairing on the SYNC System (Make SYNC system discoverable and available for pairing) using the following steps.

  • Select Phone or Connect a Phone option on main screen
  • Select Add Phone option. There will be a prompt displayed on the screen to alert you to search for the SYNC system on your phone (or in this case the Bluetooth Dock).

IMPORTANT: Do not click on the “Discover Other Bluetooth Devices” option on the Ford SYNC.

*Initiate Bluetooth pairing on the SXM BT dock using the following steps.

  • Place the SiriusXM Radio into the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock. If the Radio does not turn on automatically, press the power button to turn it on.
  • Press and hold the Bluetooth Button for 4 seconds until the Bluetooth Indicator LED turns from blue to red and begins alternately blinking blue and red (one second blink). Allow some time and the BT dock should automatically discover the “Ford SYNC system” and initiate pairing process.
  • Once paired, the blinking blue LED will become steady blue. At this point, the SXM BT Dock is successfully paired and connected with SYNC system.
  • Once paired, Touch the “Source” button and select the “Bluetooth Stereo” option. Sync system should start playing SiriusXM radio.

Bluetooth Dock Reconnect after Ignition ON/OFF

(Only SXM BT Dock Connected to SYNC – no other device):


If you are using an iPhone, SXM BT Dock and Apple iOS device the Apple IOS won’t allow two devices connected simultaneously to the SYNC System.

IF the customer is using Android phones, SXM BT Dock and Android phone should work correctly (Bluetooth audio from SXM BT dock and Bluetooth Hands free from Android phone) once user make the following changes in the setting MENU of the android phone & SYNC system.

  • Pair the “Android Phone” with Ford SYNC system using the pairing process outlined in Ford SYNC user manual.
  • Set the “Android Phone” as a favorite device in the Ford SYNC system. (Some Ford SYNC system automatically make first connected device as a Favorite)
  • Access the Bluetooth device list on the Android Phone and select the “Settings (gear icon)” on the right side of the name of Ford SYNC System (It might be listed as a Make and Model, i.e. Ford F-150).
  • On the next screen, only select the “Calls” profile. If the “Media” option is selected then toggle the button to disable “Media” profile.
  • Close Bluetooth Setting MENU.
  • Pair the Bluetooth Dock to the Ford SYNC system following the instructions outlined above under “Bluetooth Dock Pairing”.
  • After performing above changes, Ford SYNC System should auto connect to SXM BT Dock for Bluetooth audio and Android Phone for hands-free profile.
  • Customer still need to manually change the source to “Bluetooth Stereo” to listen to the SiriusXM BT Dock after each ignition power cycle, because SYNC defaults to FM Source upon power up.
  • Ford SYNC system will automatically switch to Android Phone when a call comes in and automatically switch back to Bluetooth Dock (or last source selected) when the call ends.

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