Honda - Connecting the SiriusXM Bluetooth Dock

This article is for those who have a Honda vehicle and are having trouble connecting the SiriusXM Bluetooth Dock to a Honda factory installed OEM head unit (H/U).


H/U = Head Unit (Factory installed radio)
H/F = Hands-free (this is a mode in the head-unit)
BT Dock = SiriusXM Radio Bluetooth Dock

Honda Installation Guides

CR-V Hands Free Link (Touch Screen)
CR-V Hands Free Link (Color Audio System)

The BT Dock pairing screens are a little different between each type of H/U but the key is to select the “Phone Not Found” option and ensure the BT Dock is in pairing mode (flashing red/blue) and allow the dock to discover the Honda H/U.

Troubleshooting "Device Not Found"

If you have tried to connect the SiriusXM Radio Bluetooth Dock to your Honda factory stereo and the display shows “Device Not Found” we recommend to follow the instructions below to connect the dock.

  • On the pairing screen locate the button labeled “Device Not Found" and select the button.
  • Once selected H/U will go into “Discoverable Mode” allowing the BT Dock to pair to the H/U. (Be sure the BT Dock is in pairing mode: e.g. flashing red blue)
  • Once the BT Dock has paired with the H/U, the H/U will give both profiles to the BT Dock (Both Hands-free and A2DP/Media)
  • After the BT Dock is paired navigate back to the phone menu on the H/U and select the phone again but only select the Hands-free/phone profile. This will allow media streaming from the BT Dock and calls from a cellphone.

Splitting Process

Important Note!
Some Honda H/U actually learn this profile split after three or more profile selections. This means that the H/U will resist allowing the selection of only one profile for the first two or three attempts but after the third or fourth attempt of splitting the profiles between phone and dock the H/U learns this and will retain the split indefinitely afterwards.

The Splitting Process

  • Pair phone (phone gets both profiles HF and A2DP)
  • Pair the BT Dock (dock gets both profiles)
  • Go to the phone and select Hands-free (H/F)
  • Go to the BT Dock and only select Media (phone will have both)
  • Select H/F
  • Go to Phone and select only H/F
  • Go the BT Dock and Phone has both profiles
  • Select Media for BT Dock.
  • Go to phone (phone has both profiles), select only HF.
  • Go to BT Dock and select Media.
  • Go to phone and phone only has H/F.

The splitting of profiles was ignored the first three times by the H/U and then learned by the H/U

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