Buying a New Portable Receiver

Buying a new portable satellite radio receiver can seem like a hard process but we have simplified it so you don't have to go all over the internet to try and find the information you need to make an informed buying decision. Below are the different types of SiriusXM Radio receivers and how to go about purchasing one. Be sure to click the title to expand the selection.

Replacing an Existing Receiver

If you are replacing an existing receiver you probably have accessories from that old receiver such as a cradle and power supply. Before you purchase a new receiver you will need to verify if the accessories you have will work with the new receiver. The best way to do this is to use our compatibility chart. This is important because some older receivers are not forward compatible with newer parts, accessories and boomboxes. Verifying if older parts work with newer receivers will help make the buying process less stressful and allow you to avoid buying parts that do not match up. To use the chart simply match up the model number of the receiver you want to purchase and verify the accessories that are listed as compatible. The check your accessories to see if they match up with the new parts. If you have any questions please call us at (800) 513-8554.

If you find that the accessories you have are not compatible with the new receiver you want to buy, then you will need to purchase all new accessories in order to use the new receiver. This means if you have a vehicle kit, home kit or boombox  they will all need to be replaced with new accessories that are forward compatible with new SiriusXM Dock and Play receivers.

If the receiver is compatible with current accessories then you purchase just the receiver and not the entire kit that includes the receiver and accessory kit. For example if you want to purchase the Onyx Plus and you have compatible accessories with the Onyx Plus then you can purchase just the Onyx Plus receiver by itself. You can also purchase the Onyx EZR, Stratus 7, and AGT receivers by themselves.

Buying a New Receiver

If you are replacing an existing receiver and starting from scratch your best option is to determine all the ways in which you would listen to SiriusXM Radio.

Here are some common questions to ask yourself before buying:

  • Would you want to listen in the car and connect to your existing vehicle stereo system?
  • Would you like to listen at home?
  • Would you like to take SiriusXM to the beach, a park or other outdoor activity?
  • Would you like to listen on a motorcycle or bike?
  • Would you like to listen on a boat or marine vessel?
  • Etc...

Basically you would want to think through all the different ways SiriusXM could be used in your daily life. This will help to determine the type of accessories you select when purchasing a receiver. different ways to enjoy SiriusXM Radio.

For the Vehicle

If you are buying for the vehicle only then you can simply purchase any of the plug and play receivers with a vehicle kit. Receivers that come packaged with SiriusXM vehicle kits include the Onyx Plus, Onyx EZR, Stratus 7, and AGT. The kit will include the receiver, cradle (dock), magnetic antenna, power adapter, audio cable, and mounting accessories. A vehicle kit will include everything needed to connect SiriusXM to a vehicle stereo system with an AUX input. To make things even easier there is a SiriusXM Bluetooth Cradle/Dock that will allow for wireless Bluetooth transmission of SiriusXM Radio service to a car or home stereo. Below is a list of current receivers. When you click the link you will see several different kits offered based on where they will be used.

Installation in a Vehicle
Installing a SiriusXM Radio receiver into a vehicle is straight forward but requires some time. We have compiled a comprehensive guide to installing a receiver and vehicle kit into different types of vehicles. Below is a list of the installation types and a link to the installation guide.

Installation Type:

Audio Options
There are several different ways to connect SiriusXM to an existing car stereo system. We have created a comprehensive audio installation guide that outlines how to connect the audio to a vehicle stereo system and which connection type provides the best audio quality. Click here to view the audio installation guide and learn more about the different installation options and which ones provide the best audio quality.

For the Home

If you are looking to listen to SiriusXM Radio at home then you will need to make sure you have an existing stereo system with AUX or RCA audio inputs. Plug and Play receivers come packaged with the following accessories.

Indoor/Outdoor Antenna
The antenna is required so that the receiver can get signal from the satellites in the sky. The antenna needs to be installed with a clear view of the southern sky (typically in a south facing window or outside). Visit our help center to learn more about installing a SiriusXM Radio antenna indoors and outdoors.

Docking StationThe docking station or cradle is required because the receivers do not have connections. The cradles has the connect for the antenna, power and audio. It is important to note that when using a Plug and Play receiver at home with a home cradle you need to use the AC home power adapter. If you are using the vehicle cradle at home you will need to purchase a specific power adapter that allows you to us AC power to connect to a vehicle cradle.

Power AdapterIncluded with a home kit is an AC power adapter that is designed to plug into the home cradle.

Audio Cables In order to listen to SiriusXM Radio service you will need to connect the docking station to an existing sound system with an RCA (or AUX) input. Simply find an open port on the sound system/amplifier and select that input. The supplied RCA cable is 6 feet long with red and white RCA connectors.

If you need help or have questions please contact us at (800) 513-8554, email us at or visit our website

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