FM Modulator Resetting

If you have an older Sirius or XM Radio receiver with an FM modulator in the receiver you may experience the issue of the modulator not storing the FM station. This is a common issue with two solutions.

  1. Factory reset your receiver - You can find the factory reset in the menu of each receiver. If you need to reference the manual here is a link to the Sirius Product Manuals and XM & SiriusXM Product Manuals
  2. Buy a new receiver - I know it sounds crazy but if the factory reset doesn't work your receiver probably needs to be replaced. Keep in mind the FM modulator is no longer built into the newer radios and the FM transmission is not nearly as strong. If you can live with resetting the FM frequency stick with the old receiver. If you want to get more programming/channels and come into the 21st century then splurge and get a new receiver.

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