If you are getting antenna error messages such as "CHECK ANTENNA" or "CHECK ANTENNA CONNECTION" or "ANTENNA" you could have an issue with your antenna. Here are some possible causes of the error messages.

Possible cause #1: The antenna is not properly connected to the Radio or Vehicle Dock, or the connection has become loose.

  • Solution: Check the antenna connection to the Vehicle Dock and make sure it has a good, snug fit.

Possible cause #2: If the antenna is properly connected to the Vehicle Dock, there may be a break in the antenna cable, or a problem with the antenna.

  • Solution: Replace the Magnetic Mount Antenna

Additionally your antenna could be damaged or no longer working. The power adapter could have gone bad, the receiver could have stopped receiving signal and lastly the docking cradle could have gone bad. It seems like a lot to consider but we can help you troubleshoot and figure it out.

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