XHD2H1 Compatible Ports

If you have an old home theater tuner with with an XM Ready logo on the front and/or a port on the back labeled XM or SiriusXM the XHD2H1 tuner is what you need to get SiriusXM Radio directly integrated with that tuner.

Here is an example of what you may see on the back of a typical home theater tuner. Locate the satellite radio antenna port which will be labeled either XM, Sirius, or SiriusXM.
Here is an example of a compatible port.

If the port on your home stereo is labeled "Sirius" the XHD2H1 tuner is not compatible with your stereo system. You will need the old SCH1 Sirius Home Tuner. But be ready for sticker shock because that unit is no longer made and the units for sale on eBay are expensive.

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Jun 15, 2021

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